Someone told me my art is like a snails slime trail of a tortured soul. I quite liked that, i want to be free. My art is a deep poetic investigation or trip into all the different worlds that reside within and without, maybe somewhere inbetween. I started mainly doing oil paintings and drawings, and so i still do but have expanded my arena to other territory also. Writing, performance, animation, masks and setting these up together in every which way. The worlds are largely felt as mainly aesthetic. They can't help but be absurd and twisted. I see these aesthetics as like the colors on the palette or like different rooms in a house, they range from gothic to medieval, psychedellic or archaic, like the different wovels the human voice can make so does these aesthetics have different characters and feels and sound. Informed by a love of nature, cinema and music, i often find myself pursuing a state where i am at a loss of control or thought and anything is allowed through the canals whatever it wants to be. And often setting these worlds that excite me up on a date so the speak. What sensations will be brought up by these unlikely fusions.
I still feel young and curious about exploring this vast territory and its immense poetry.
My comfort zone is being deeply lost in a trance of making these works, and i can often find it difficult to culminate them in a presentation. I feel ashamed to just simply hanging it on a wall, feeling they are all small pieces of a large puzzle waiting to unfold. I have found performance to be the most final of my many outputs, as it happens and is done, i like that i can introduce many elements into it. What attracts me to performance and performing has much to do with risk and de-filtering conventions. There are all these filters around, we are indoctrinated, like a cage society puts around us and the magic of performance is the wild card to erase all this, which is liberating the performer as a catharsis and hopefully for the audience in some extent also, active or passive. I think putting oneself in the position of unknown territory, taking a step in this risky direction is almost needed for the performance to be successful, the unpredictable factor. The sensation of excitement in not knowing the outcome or emotional reaction i think is whats unique to performance. It's so free, and thats the both attractive and scary part, it can be truly anything. I have always been attracted to entering other worlds and states of consciousness through ways of art like a shamanic trance, a letting go of everything i know. Opening up a side both primal and playful, often humor is important, singing, meditation, violence, stillness. My inspiration often comes from cinema, Pasolini and Fellini in particular.
How can i suggest these worlds and maybe invite an audience into them? Like a cult of the strange worshipping in my beautiful and absurd campy church. I want people to fear me in a sexy way. A paramystic. The world we live in today i experience as something scary and starnge, had i not had the escapism of art as my weapon i might have gotten lost in it, so theres an optimism going through, no matter how dark and twisted it may seem. It's a theraputic, cathardic way of dealing with it, juicing the strangeness, reminding myself that it's okay, it's all just a dream. 2017-05-26 kl_ 16_06_44.png